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The most complete and state-of-the-art look at love, romance, seduction, women, anatomy, lovemaking, relationships and marriage ever. Full of new insights on how to please women 24/7, James' discoveries of new erogenous zones and control methods alone are worth the price of the book.

Baring It All edited by James Moore and Layla Shilkret
Just $14.95

James Moore was the uncredited story development editor for this really sexy collection of real erotica, which has a 5 star rating on goodreads.com. If you liked Fifty Shades of Grey, this is the real deal - by 20 real women who detail their most exciting lovemaking experiences ever! And it's an awesome bedtime stories, loving kind of book that you can read with your lover as a hot kind of foreplay!

Relationship And Love Life Workshops And Retreats By James Moore - For Better Romances, Relationships And Marriages



1 - 3:30 PM SATURDAY MAY 4

Whether you're married, single or in an LTR,
you can't afford to miss this!

TICKETS are just $30 each ($5 off the door price) -
if you buy yours here by Friday May 3. (Click graphic above.)
On May 4, tickets will be available only at the door.

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The Path To Inspiring Love And Keeping It Alive
Enhanced By Modern Discoveries, Skills And Arts

If you like insightful TED talks programs...intriguing PBS TV celebrity speaker shows...and exciting, entertaining and mind-blowing presentations that feed your curiosity and open your mind to new ideas that change your life forever, for the better...look no further.

Think of James Moore as the Carl Sagan of love life researchers and innovators...This award-winning public speaker has won his share of competitive speech contests because he enlivens, elevates and enlightens his audiences.

Full of Ah ha! moments, Ephiphanies and revelations that bring a lifetime of rewards, a James Moore event is the kind of memorable experience you won't forget soon - nor will you regret attending.

Because - above all else - this is about love. Finding it. Keeping it alive (especially within a marriage, many of which today are not on very firm ground).

But James will not be talking about common love. That's almost meaningless these days. This is about reaching the very heights of joy and ecstasy in every way through a sacred bond of devotion, through the attainment and expression of unconditional love - intimately and on a 24/7 basis.

Those who are not ready for that, though, will still find much of interest, much that's new and unique in James' revelations of new discoveries from his relationship studies, surveys and research. Whether you're searching for your beloved, are trying to rescue a struggling relationship or marriage, or want to know how to make a good marriage or relationship super-exciting and the best it can possibly be, this workshop is for you!

(Now if you're a Puritan or you were produced by virgin birth or never have even contemplated kissing or having sex because that stuff is far too messy and dirty - then this course is not for you. We wouldn't want to impugn your purity. That being said, there is nothing pornographic either - not remotely - about this loving look at state-of-the-art ways to be a great lover and partner, how to obtain and keep love alive, and how to have the very best of marriages and relationships. And if you - like most people - have read Dr. Ruth's columns, seen movies like Hope Floats (in which you saw Meryl Streep do some sexy things to herself), gone to plays like The Vagina Monologues or read books like Fifty Shades of Grey, then the material in this program should not shock you or offend you in the slightest. In fact, it speaks to the side of your life that should bring you the greatest joy, so you should welcome the unique new information, presented in a mature, fun and amusing way!)

...But we digress...

If you're up for a super-fun, educational, enlightening, inspiring, romantic, and worthwhile way to spend a Saturday afternoon, James Moore's Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship Class is it! It'll likely be a life-changer for you too...especially if you want to rev up your love life, relationship or marriage with exciting new research and other discoveries James has made about all things that go into a successful, happy, loving, lasting relationship!

In fact, you might have heard about his books, his work and upcoming course at the University ofHartford on the nationally-syndicated Jay Thomas Show (he of Cheers and Murphy Brown fame), Moll Anderson Show on SiriusXM Radio (hear a clip below), Tiffany Granath Show onthePlayboy Channel or elsewhere...

This much-praised love life researcher, innovator and educator is kind of like John Gray meets Dr. Ruth - with his own unique take on love, loving relationships, marriage, romance, the sexes and lovemaking based upon his many important original research discoveries.

And his background uniquely suits him to his mission in life (to make everyone's love lives, marriages and relationships as exciting, satisfying and happy as they can possibly be):

James Moore is the pen name of a distinguished professional who for years was a news anchor on the nationally-syndicated NBC Radio Networks and a news reporter, news writer and producer for WCBS Newsradio 88, New York City's top news station. In fact, he won many Associated Press Awards and other prestigious awards for excellence in journalism for his hard-hittting investigative reports...

James Moore is also a riveting award-winning public speaker who's won his share of competitive public speaking contests...

James Moore was also university-trained in how to conduct scientific research as a biology major at the University of Chicago (from which he graduated with Honors)...

Although James is a dyed-in-the-wool romantic and devoted monogamist, the women in James' life have said that James Moore is a much-sought-after ladies' man. In fact, it was James' lovers who actively pushed him into his current profession, urging him to write books on love and lovemaking and do public events in order to help others gain from his research and encyclopedic knowledge about the sexes, relationships and lovemaking. What better endorsement could you get? (See their endorsements below!)

In recent years James has devoted his university and career training and experience to use in focusing on how to make everyone's love lives and relationships as awesome as they can be, as a love life rsearcher, innovator and educator.

So James Moore is not just the author of the new much-praised 448-page encyclopedic guide to loving women, On Loving Women (and the upcoming Think Yourself Love!, and Spice Up Your Love Life! - for women and men, couples and singles), but he's doing special events from coast-to-coast you won't want to miss!

...Such as his Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship program, 1 - 3:30 p.m. Saturday May 4th at the University of Hartford - with mind-blowing unique information you cannot get anywhere else, presented in the most fun and entertaining way imaginable.

James Moore's May 4th event will be a truly memorable and life-changing event for you, whose rewards you'll enjoy for a lifetime. Plus, it'll be an awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon (romantic, too, if you take your lover)!

So...get your tickets now!

"I don't know why everyone is not deeply immersed in this subject - how to make their love lives and relationships better," says James. "I read every book I can get my hand on, and take every seminar I can. A lot goes into becoming a great lover (in the 24/7 sense of the word) and partner and you could never get on top of all the fabulous information that's out there even if you studied the topic for a lifetime.

"The great part," James continues, "is that I've been able to reach some incredible discoveries through years of research into love, romance and even lovemaking and I can wake everyone up to a brand new side of the picture, to greatly enhance their lives - if they can get over their societal shyness toward the topic (which I don't understand in this bra-ad inundated, 50 Shades Of Grey crazy society).

"I invite everyone to join me on May 4th for what will be a very enjoyable, entertaining, memorable, eye-opening and even life-changing afternoon. I promise you - you will be glad you came!

"You know, John Gray wrote, in Mars And Venus In The Bedroom, about how great lovemaking and being a great partner are essential to the success of today's relationships - where at least one partner is likely to be very modern, sophisticated, discriminating and possibly even demanding. If you liked that book, you'll LOVE my program. (He didn't go on to explain how to achieve those goals - I do.) And if you felt comfortable with that material, you'll feel right at home at my May 4th event. (I'll go out of my way to make it fun, too!)

"While some publicity for the book mentioned the fact I've been called a 'Casanova' - I hope that doesn't put you off, because I'm not about sleeping around. (That comparison, anyway, was just someone's attempt at saying I've proven myself as a desired lover and partner.) I'm all about helping people find, attract and win the heart of the one they love, forever - and how to avoid common modern deal breakers, and how to make a relationship or marriage so incredibly exciting, romantic and happy that neither partner would ever dream of leaving the other. In short, this is love-driven; but unique - new information that will knock your socks off. Hope to see you there!"

...So...get your tickets now!

What's your love life, relationship or marriage worth to you? Is it worth the modest price of a restaurant meal if the results are a lifetime of greater happiness and satisfaction and possibly even the success of your relationship itself?

There are many pitfalls that cause the demise of most of today's relationships. Today's divorce rate of nearly 66% reveals that there are a lot of people who are making wrong decisions and who are lacking in the skills, arts and knowledge vital to making a marriage or long-term relationship a happy union of two hearts, as one, forever. (Click here to see a list of common problems that lead to divorces, breakups and unhappy love lives. Do any describe your love life, marriage or relationship? James will provide solutions to these pitfalls and more at his Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship class May 4th at the University of Hartford.)

If you're up for a super-fun, educational, enlightening, inspiring, romantic, and worthwhile way to spend a Saturday afternoon, James Moore's Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship Class 1 p.m. May 4th at the University of Hartford is it! It'll be a life-changer for you. It will rev up your love life, relationship or marriage with exciting new research breakthroughs and other discoveries James and top scientists have made of which few are aware!

A featured speaker at the recent Modern Love Symposium in Boston and invited to speak at Yale University and the University of Hartford among other places, featured on Playboy Radio's Tiffany Granath Show, Sirius XM's nationally-syndicated Moll Anderson Show and Jay Thomas Show, Hartford radio's Mary Jones Show, on the front page of the New Haven Register, in the Hartford Advocate, the Yale Daily News and WFSB-TV's Better Connecticut Show, among other venues, acclaimed love life researcher, relationship coach and bestselling author James Moore provides essential unique information available nowhere else and you won't leave disappointed!

Along these lines, this should impress you, too:

If James can impress these sophisticates, imagine how much he can teach you!

So get your tickets now!

In fact - hear James on the Moll Anderson Show below! (FYI: This was done before James' May 4th class was scheduled and it does not cover the material that will be presented at James' Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship course May 4th at the University of Hartford.)

James Moore's got the street cred you'd want in a love life researcher and educator:

James Moore is an award-winning journalist and former NBC Radio Networks news anchor and WCBS Newsradio 88 reporter, news writer and producer whose investigative work contributed to the shutting down of the dangerous Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant on Long Island. This distinguished journalist (with a Master's degree in journalism from Boston University) has the credentials to research a topic and arrive at insightful and fresh new conclusions that change lives for the better.

James Moore is also an award-winning public speaker who has won his share of competitive regional public speaking contests and trophies. He knows how to reach and inspire people to greater personal heights - and he knows how to wow and entertain an audience.

James Moore was also university-trained in how to conduct scientific research (at the University of Chicago - from which he graduated with Honors and where the dean recommended him for a Rhodes Scholarship). So his many years worth of empirical and practical research into areas vital to a complete love life - including anatomical discoveries, technique innovation, the differences between the sexes and relationship matters - have validity and credibility (and, as James likes to say, his results are easily reproducible by other scientists).

James Moore also has taught hundreds of courses and seminars at universities, continuing ed schools and other venues, nationwide, for more than 15 years, on a variety of topics - so he knows how to give a great course.

James Moore also has wowed more women than Casanova...yet is a true romantic (and monogamist). Isn't this just the kind of background you'd want, in a love life educator? So you know he knows of whence he speaks! (And he's always been the go-to guy, the guy men and women go to for advice on love, the sexes and sex - since his college days. So he's already helped hundreds of people to attain the knowledge and achieve the success they've always desired in their love lives.)

Furthermore it was the women in his life - including his wife and several ex-lovers - who were the ones responsible for his writing On Loving Women (and his upcoming books for women and men, couples and singles)! That speaks even more to his credibility.

(So get your tickets now!)

What greater endorsement can a love life researcher and educator have than from a wife who thrills:

"On Loving Women is a great book!
It's an important book that will help a lot of people!"

...or from a former girlfriend who spent two years urging James to write the book saying:

"You've got to tell others what you know about women and sex!"

And the men James has coached have also given James a major thumbs up for his encyclopedic knowledge of love life issues, women, the sexes, romance, seduction, lovemaking and relationship matters - coupled with an innate ability to teach and help others achieve their personal best. One, in fact - a social worker who counsels others - recently toasted James at his wedding, telling everyone that James was responsible for that day occurring, saying:

"All of this would not have been possible without James."

Perhaps his father's lament after reading James' book was the most poignant and telling endorsement:

"I wish I had read this book about 50 years ago."

Layla Shilkret - his partner in putting together the sexy, fun anthology of true erotica, Baring It All - perhaps has the most credibility in giving her endorsement:

“I was the one who got James to start writing On Loving Women more than 10 years ago. I told him there were no books out there like he could write. And I told him he had to tell people what he knows about women and lovemaking, because he has incredible insights, talents and skills he needs to share with the world - plus he's done many years worth of legitimate empirical and other research and made some important discoveries that can improve everyone's love lives. He also knows his own body more than most men. He’s legit, he has his street cred (as I, one of his former girlfriends, can testify), and he needs to get out there and help others, enlighten the world and make it more happy, loving, romantic and sexy place - because he can do that!”

But the author of the encyclopedic book On Loving Women doesn't speak only to men's issues...he's also the author of the upcoming Spice Up Your Love Life! and Think Yourself Love for women and men, couples and singles. And - at his events - he covers a wide range of topics stemming from years of research vital to a successful, sexy, exciting, happy, loving, fulfilling and lasting relationship or marriage:

All of this and more will be presented in an entertaining Ted-type-talk context for women and men, singles and couples! (And if you want to strengthen your loving bond with your spouse or partner, bring them to this event too! You'll be excited, energized, full of ideas and rededicated to each other afterward!)

(Click here to read more about the unique features of James' Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship course May 4th at the University of Hartford. Click here for James' special message to everyone who might be shy about attending. Click here for the University's web site course description. Or - if you already agree this course is a must-attend event, click here to reserve your tickets!)

Find out why there's such a buzz around what James Moore knows about love, romance, seduction, dating, relationships, marriages, sex and more - and why some have said this love life researcher and expert is "incredibly knowledgeable" and that his detailed and "cutting edge understanding" of those subjects is "impressive" and "encyclopedic."

What's your love life worth? And satisfaction is guaranteed so...what do you have to lose?

Get your tickets now!

As James' and other surveys of women and men, married and single, show, there are a lot of unhappy couples and singles out there. Here is some of what James has found when he's investigated why:

Some relationships (including marriages) fail because the participants run out of ideas to keep the romance alive. Some relationships fail because there was no love, excitement or thoughtfulness put into daily activities. Some relationships fail because there was no togetherness. Some relationships fail because one or both partners did not know enough about the opposite sex's psychology. Some relationships fail because one or more partner did not know anything about the fun art of seduction. Some relationships fail because of a lack of spirituality or attention to a partner's emotional life. Some relationships fail because one or both partners don't have a modern and complete understanding of their partner's sexual anatomy (beyond what they learned in high school). Some relationships fail because one or more of the partners was not really great in bed. Some relationships fail due to a lack of creativity and variety, to keep the lovemaking exciting - every time. Many of today's relationships fail because of narcissism and one or more partners who were not giving - they fall far short of the yin yang ideal. Many relationships fail because one or more partners did not understand you must continually lovingly strive to make a relationship the best it can be - you cannot let it "starve on the vine" so to speak (you do not "have it made" once you're married, for instance - that's only when the challenges begin).

Some singles fail at romance because they do not know how to attract the opposite sex. Some singles fail at romance because they do not understand the opposite sex. Some singles fail at romance because they do not fully understand the anatomy of the opposite sex (beyond what they learned in high school). Some singles fail at romance because they do not know how to bring love, artistry and creativity to sex to make it a truly ecstatic and memorable lovemaking experience - every time, through the years. Some singles fail at romance because of bitterness over the failures of the past and a mistrust of the opposite sex - they do not love the company of the opposite sex. Many singles fail at romance because they don't know how to make the transition from a more self-oriented, selfish if you will, singles existence to a mutually shared life where one gives to the other and thinks of the other and the two become one - a better but different life, when both partners bring true love to it.

James' workshops cover everything from behaviors that make for a happy long-term relationship or marriage, to how to attract a mate and keep attracting your mate within a relationship or marriage (very important to keeping it strong), what your partner or potential lover wants from you (now and over the course of time - based upon James Moore's research), romancing and seducing a lover or partner (especially within a relationship - to keep the home fires burning), the deal-breakers that end relationships, exciting new scientific anatomical discoveries that will greatly enhance your pleasure and satisfaction (and your partner's pleasure and satisfaction as well), new anatomical discoveries James and others have made that can make your sex life much more exciting and satisfying, and how to overcome male and female sexual problems that can crop up.

If you thought you knew everything about your lover's anatomy, love, romance, sex or relationships, think again! James, as a hands-on researcher, and the world's top scientists have made some awesome discoveries in recent years that few know about! In fact, former Playboy bunny Tiffany Granath was among the many women who have praised James for knowing more about her own body than she did.

Get your tickets now!

All of this is in a loving context. Anatomical and relationship information and discoveries you'll find nowhere else are presented in a fun and non-threatening way.

James Moore's presentations will also force you to reevaluate how you go about finding love and keeping love exciting while in a relationship or marriage.

James' multi-media programs (which have enraptured audiences from coast to coast) are about all aspects of love, from a cutting edge perspective.

You'll also find out how the art of lovemaking (as opposed to sex) when done properly, is a great way to create greater love and a closer loving bond between you and your lover (or spouse), reach spiritual heights and enjoy the greatest satisfaction.

What a romantic way to spend your time! James Moore's unique programs will prepare you to make your loving dreams come true - whether you're looking for love or you want to make your current relationship or marriage much more satisfying.

Also - bring your personal questions or dilemmas to James' events, because his Question & Answer sessions give you the opportunity to find the solutions to your problems or answers to your burning questions. He's already enabled many tens of lovers nationwide to get beyond their obstacles to achieve happy love lives, relationships and marriages.

Get your tickets now!

(If you'd like to attend a James Moore event and would like us to notify you
the minute another one is scheduled, click here and email us your contact info.)

James is available to do private events for women's and men's groups,
singles and dating organizations, marriage and long-term relationship groups,
fraternities and sororities, colleges, corporations, and other groups and institutions.
Email us of your interest to host an exciting special James Moore event
tailored to your needs and we will help arrange it!

This site will soon reveal more details about James' awesome events in conjunction with his new book On Loving Women and upcoming books, including Think Yourself Love and Spice Up Your Love Life!, with brand new information found nowhere else, for women and men, singles, married couples and those in relationships. So please revisit this page often for the latest announcements!

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James Moore's "Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship" Class:
New Research Discoveries On How To Be A Great Lover And Partner
For An Incredible Love Life & Relationship
1 - 3:30 p.m. Saturday, May 4

You’ve seen him impress talk show hosts with his encyclopedic knowledge and research breakthroughs about love, romance, relationships, the sexes and sex, on WFSB-TV’s Better Connecticut show, on nationally syndicated radio shows such as the Moll Anderson Show and the Jay Thomas Show (he of Cheers and Murphy Brown fame) on SiriusXM Radio and the Playboy Channel’s Tiffany Granath Show, to name a few.
Now bestselling author and noted love life researcher James Moore is coming to the University of Hartford to teach a special Incredible Love Life, Incredible Relationship Class, which is guaranteed to teach you much you never knew - including new concepts and brand-new research revelations uncovered by James and other scientists to make your love life so much happier, more satisfying, exciting, satisfying, happy and fulfilling.
James - author of the hot new book On Loving Women and the upcoming Think Yourself Love and a well-respected award-winning investigative journalist and former NBC news anchor - has achieved many unique breakthroughs through many years researching every aspect of a successful love life, relationship and marriage and he will be sharing many significant and startling new discoveries he's achieved - including new anatomical discoveries and lovemaking approaches - about which you cannot learn elsewhere. His original surveys of hundreds of men and women have also uncovered many of modern stumbling blocks that present obstacles in achieving successful relationships - and he’ll discuss solutions that just might help you avoid the pitfalls that have caused such a high percentage of relationships to fail in today’s complex world.
Because James is an award-winning national public speaker, you'll leave enlightened, entertained and inspired to go on to the heights you seek in love, sex and relationships - whether you are single, in a relationship or married.
This workshop covers everything from behaviors, skills and concepts that make for a happy long-term relationship or marriage, to successful dating practices for the singles - including how to attract a mate and then keep attracting your mate within a relationship or marriage, how to be the ideal partner, how to be a great lover, romancing and seducing a lover or partner (even within a relationship - to keep the home fires burning), the deal-breakers that end relationships, exciting new scientific anatomical discoveries that will greatly enhance your pleasure and satisfaction (and your partner's pleasure and satisfaction as well) and how to overcome male and female sexual problems that can crop up.
All of this is in a loving context. James distinguishes, for instance, between sex and lovemaking - explaining how the latter achieves the highest states of ecstasy. He also reveals how the physical can be used as a means to achieve a stronger, more intense and satisfying spiritual, psychological and emotional bond. Anatomical and relationship information and discoveries you'll find nowhere else will be presented in a fun and non-threatening way.
What a romantic and mind-blowing way to get ready for spring while learning how to make your love life what you always hoped it would be! James Moore's unique program will prepare you to make your loving dreams come true - whether you're looking for love or you want to make your current relationship or marriage much more satisfying.
He's already enabled hundreds of lovers nationwide get beyond their obstacles and questions to achieve happy love lives, relationships and marriages. One such couple in Phoenix, Arizona, in fact, recently toasted him at their wedding, thanking James for "making it all possible!"
Early-bird discounted tickets are still available for just $25 for the general public and $15 for students and professors (current college photo ID is required at the door) and are available right now at  http://www.lovelifeclass.com/. Bulk discounts are available for members of fraternities and sororities and other recognized college organizations upon request (email publisher@helixeye.com to arrange bulk ticket purchases, at $10 each, for purchases of 20 or more tickets). After the early-bird discount period is over, tickets are just $35 for the general public and $20 for students and professors.

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Here’s just some of the topics James will cover, with concepts, information, discoveries and revelations and techniques that you’ll learn nowhere else - details of which we cannot list here, for lack of space (note: while James will cover some sexual topics among others, this will be done on a fun, mature and entertaining basis - you’ll be laughing and thrilling about the information, not cringing, and it’ll make your love life SO much better! Gray’s Anatomy charts might be used...but so might fruit - it’s all in the name of education, in a fun way, as you would like it):


A final note...a special message...from James Moore:
“If you look around, you see proof everywhere that somebody is having sex. A human being is the product of sex. Sorry if you think that's a dirty idea.

“Yet from some of the reactions I've gotten, I get the idea that people think if they don't talk about sex, no one will realize they're doing it at home. Another peculiar thing about those who react badly to the fact that I talk about lovemaking in my books and workshops (among other love life topics), is that they imply that I'm somehow being sinful!

“Well - let me ask you this (and please be fair): Is it more sinful to talk about it to try and make everyone's lives happier and their relationships successful (which is what I do), or to actually do it at home - which is what my critics (and, of course, the rest of us) do. The ones who look down their noses at what I'm doing to make the world a better place lustfully get it on at home (poorly, from what I hear from most people) while faulting me for simply talking about it - as a love life educator! (I have a Master's degree in journalism and am qualified to be a college professor and have done cutting edge research to allow me to talk intelligently and credibly about it - and I was university trained in scientific research practices as part of my Bachelor's degree, so I have a lot to offer when it comes to biological insights and original research discoveries.)

“If sex is a sin - and I certainly don't think it is! (it's God's greatest gift to us!) - then am I the bigger sinner or my judgmental critics who eagerly and furtively engage in sexual practices at home but then castigate me for trying to educate people as to how to do what everyone does...better?

“C'mon! Let's get real! Sex - or lovemaking (which is different and what I talk about) - is a glorious part of the complete human experience and we, as grown adults, should be able to talk about it maturely.

“Yet, sadly, although our culture is bombarded with prurient sexual images, the Victorian side of our society prevents many from being mature enough to discuss this essential practice and potential source of life’s greatest pleasures.

“Perhaps I shouldn't be so shocked - as I always am - to find that the few who are willing to discuss sex with me (often defensively - as if they know everything there is to know) are so lacking in information and a modern, state-of-the-art understanding of lovemaking and the many incredible techniques that are available but so little used, to make everyone's lives that much better. The fact is that, as a result of this Victorianism, all too few Americans know much about the art and skills of lovemaking that can take it to the heights, the anatomy of their lovers (especially more recent discoveries I and other scientists have made), the anatomy of their own bodies, modern techniques that take advantage of these recent antomical discoveries, and much more that goes into becoming a great lover and partner.

“Hopefully, everyone will get beyond their shyness to attend my Love Life course because, for one thing, the success of your relationship rides on sex being an exciting experience. So why not open your mind to learning how to do it better - from someone who has spent years researching this most aspect of our lives? And be selfish - aren't you worth it? Don't you deserve to take this course? What's your love life worth to you?

“I was blessed as a teenager to have a lot of great friends and relatives who took me under their wings and taught me a lot about what lovemaking was about long before I was old enough to experience its many joys. I had a mentor, in fact - about whom I talk in my book - who would tell me exactly what he'd done to his wife the night before, to help me understand what being a great lover was all about. He was a father figure to me and, God rest his soul, he gave me a leg up on the other guys when it came time for me to date. I wasn't an ingenue when it came to knowing what's "down there" or how to please a woman like a woman wants to be pleasured.

“But, as result of our society's remaining Victorian attitudes, all too many people cannot talk about sex and our schools either cannot or will not teach anything about lovemaking. And their sex education courses are laughable and terribly antiquated from a biological and anatomical point of view alone. And most Americans seem to accept a boring low level of competence in the bedroom (although later, during the divorce, they complain about their lack of fulfillment in that department).

“I can't tell you how shocked I usually am when I talk to the few people who will talk to me about sex only to find how very little they know about it - any aspect (whether it's about their lover's body or their body or the reason why you'd choose one position over another or the many incredibly powerful techniques now available to everyone through scientific progress and so on).

“I am so sure you'll learn at least a half dozen incredible new concepts at my workshops (if not many many more) that you were completely unaware of (unless you've read my book), I'll gladly give you your money back if you don't feel I've made good on that promise. I'm that sure I'll knock your socks off with the unique information I'll share with you.

“Please. Get over your shyness. If you agree that sex - or lovemaking - provides or can provide the greatest joys you'll ever experience, doesn't it behoove you to take some time to listen to what many researchers including myself have discovered in recent years that can make your love life so much better, so much more thrilling and satisfying - and your relationships stronger?

“I’ll make this a fun and entertaining afternoon for you (there'll be laughs as well as insights) and - I promise - you will thank Goodness you attended this exciting workshop. Because, truly, it will be a life-changing experience for you. You will go on to live a much fuller, satisfying and exciting love life - one that will lead to more love, spiritual, psychological and emotional fulfillment and a closer bond with your spouse or lover.

“I'm all about romantic love, and helping others achieve what they want from their love lives and relationships. You'll be glad you came.

“Hope to see you there! ...And God Bless.”

- James Moore (March 18, 2013)

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